Monday, February 8, 2016

Great resources for KidLit writers

There is a lot of information available on the internet and sometimes the challenge of protecting our writing time is sabotaged by the challenge of finding useful, pertinent, reputable, up-to-date, consistent resources. I have joined a multitude of emails lists, followed the rabbit hole of link bait, and scratched my head multiple times over seemingly conflicting advice  over the years.

While this is only a top 3 list, and people will often find they connect better with one group or approach over another, here's my current go-to spots for great information, excellent advice and lots of writerly support.

1. SubItClub
The site has great behind-the-scenes interviews and blog posts plus a very active Facebook group for help with submissions to agents, editors and publishers.

Again, an absolute wealth of riches when it comes to writing, illustrating, revising and submitting for children's literature. They host a super supportive Facebook group also, plus have manuscript swaps, post contests, and keep a great group of resources available. 

This is a membership group that only opens for admission at certain times of the year but the challenge is to write 12 picture book manuscripts in 12 months. It's a fantastic group of enthusiastic writers and illustrators, and the feedback is fun and encouraging. 

That's my top 3 for this year. What are yours?