Thursday, March 12, 2009

A literary frog

I think I'm starting to get a grasp on why children's writing is the right spot for me. It seems that I have an overdeveloped sense of the absurd. The idea's too ridiculous? Ridiculous! Too far-fetched? Fabulous! Let's stretch our imaginations and make silliness sacrosanct.

Why? Because I think when we laugh, we learn too. It's the spoon full of sugar. It's the rainbow in the rain. It's the soft fondant center in the Easter Creme Egg.

So with that thought in mind (and, I'll confess, an Easter Creme Egg as an occasional diversion), I've been having some fun in my sketch pad this week. Here's what happened on Monday:

I call it "Reading Past Bedtime" and it's once again available as a coloring sheet on my website.

But for's late and I have a good book waiting for me. I hope it's a silly one.

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