Thursday, April 9, 2009

A pictorial prompt

One of the blogs I love to follow is Organized Doodles by Rick Green. His sense of humor is a delight and I enjoy his drawings. I even heard a hint that he might be considering moving into book illustration! Rick's "doodles" always spark a story for me, even when he doesn't share the background. And he's pretty generous with his drawings if you flatter him a little bit. (Okay, check out his blog for the real terms.)

Here's one for you to get your creative currents stirring:

My story about this aromatic avenger involves a shortage of blueberries. What story would you write about this caped critter?

"Super Skunk" (c) Rick Green. Used under his copy-and-share-if-you-dare policy. Thanks, Rick!

1 comment:

Rick said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words Val. I would be curious to read what stories the doodles inspire.

I didn't know that blueberries would give you gas.