Thursday, May 7, 2009

The write tool for the job

There are a lot of tools available to writers these days. Plotting software (which I've never tried because it is my personal opinion that all software plots against me), market guides, digital recorders for catching those on the go ideas, workshops, critique groups, and so much more. Technology has produced some pretty helpful gadgets and gizmos to help the writer along.

But they are not worth a plugged nickel when you're caught away from the tech toys and the inspiration starts flowing. Whether you sit up in bed at night with the dialogue flowing or meet the perfect protagonist in the produce aisle of the grocery store, you have to write it down before you lose it. And when that happens, it's whatever is closest and will leave a mark.

Today, the perfect writing tool for me just happened to have a dancing monkey posed on top. And it worked just fine.

In fact I could tell when the juices were really flowing because the monkey lit up. How's that for making the muse happy?

Good writing to you today - whatever that may look like.

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