Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A triptych

I spent the weekend playing in my paint and ended up painting a triptych. (Do you know I have to look up the correct spelling for that almost every time I use it? And if you google it, you get lots of hits from people that decided not to look it up.)

Figured out a simple green "recipe" that I really like, and experimented with some textures and shapes at the same time. But even more exciting for me is a fourth painting that's not turning out at all like I expected. Just like a story can take you to unexpected places, the painting has as well.

Abstract art is always fascinating because though it can speak volumes, it always seems to speak a different language to different people. Our connections to colors, to emotions, to shapes all contribute to the "appeal" of an abstract piece. It reminds me of a passage I recently read:
... The third picture was my picture. There wasn't really much to it, if you know what I mean. It was -- how can I describe it? It was kind of simple. A lot of space in it and a few great widening circles all round each other, if you can put it that way. All in different colors -- odd colors that you wouldn't expect. And here and there, there were sketchy bits of color that didn't seem to mean anything. Only somehow they did mean something! ... All I can say is that one wanted terribly to go on looking at it. (from Endless Night by Agatha Christie)

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