Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From paper to stage

Once again, I'm knee deep in Christmas and have been for two months now. I'm involved again in set design/construction and costuming for a Christmas musical set in 1850s London. It's actually a sequel to last year's production. And what started as a paper script in July is rapidly taking shape into something truly special.

What's fascinating this year is the range of experiences we have represented in this year's drama. Creativity is always exciting and to see the various strengths of each person work together is a huge learning experience and an exciting process. I would really encourage you to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and see how this type of collaboration can "enlarge your vision" within your own craft.

Our costume consultant has worked in community theater and has a private collection of over 1000 vintage costumes that she is loaning and adapting to our actors.

Our scriptwriter is a multi-talented man and a fantastic actor with an unerring sense of blocking.

Our director has over 30 years in voice talent, print and movie promotions, acting and decorating, which all adds up to some really exciting possibilities.

Our set builder was a doctor by profession but is also a very creative builder who can see and make anything we've handed to him (including a SHIP!) so far.

And the songwriter has proven again his versatility in stirring the heart with a range of songs and styles.

It promises to be something truly exciting and I hope to post some photos soon. But until then, you are invited:

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