Monday, February 14, 2011

A painting's progress (Olivia "Livvy" Schemanski)

I have always maintained that I learn more in watching an artist at work than any number of lessons or self-help books can give. So I was very excited that a friend of mine, 'Livvy' Schemanski, put together a video that showed the progress of one of her gorgeous wildlife paintings. How exciting to see this painting come to life on the canvas!

I have stood in front of this painting many times and marveled at her skill. Olivia has a depth of knowledge in the art realm that is simply astounding. Technical skill, creative insights, a wealth of experience, a fun sense of humor and a generous heart to go along with it have taught me a lot since I was fortunate enough to meet her years ago. Enjoy!

(If you want to see some of my work in progress, you can find it at my Val's Imagination blog. Not as dramatic but hopefully helpful all the same.)

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Irelock said...

Is this my friend Valerie?! Ha! Thanks for the nice comments :-)