Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new resource: Library Insider

There's a new resource in town! The agents at Books & Such have introduced a new tool for authors called Library Insider.


It consists of two parts - a database of libraries and their acquisitions information to help authors target their marketing materials to the people and regions best suited to their titles. It's subscription-based and you can find out more here.

Along with it they offer a training package to help you learn how to navigate and best use the database. Behind the Stacks, with author and 25-year librarian Judy Gann, walks you through the process and the best way to get a positive response as an author. As they say on the blog:

"The database is half the equation; the training is the other half."

It looks to be a great resource (and there's a contest for a subscription discount running until Thursday! Check the blog for more info.)

Psst: You can find them on Facebook too.

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