Saturday, September 3, 2016

How to Love An Author

I do promise to get back to the personality problem but after attending an author talk at an area bookstore the other day (which was outstanding!), here's something I decided to share in the meantime.

HOW TO LOVE AN AUTHOR: A Few Random Thoughts
1. Send them chocolate or coffee. If you want to add some extra love, find out which one they prefer. (Note: random packages left on their doorstep are just creepy and may be ignored unless the chocolate/coffee stash is desperately low.)
2. Buy their book(s). At a public reading or signing if possible. Nothing is a truer reality of being an author (unless you're J.K. Rowling or Judy Blume) than being ignored by the general public in a bookstore.
3. Don't stand at their shoulder with trivial questions (up to and including whether the mortgage has been paid or where the children are) when they are in the throes of creative genius. And yes, that may look like they're just staring into space.
4. Talk about their book. (Hint: Strangers in the grocery line are, in essence, a captive audience.)
5. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. No need to stalk them but a follow's a nice touch.
6. Post a review. Hopefully kind but definitely honest.
7. Bring their book to book club.
8. Start a book club.
9. Visit your local book store and ask if they carry work by the author. Change your disguise each time you go.
10. Tell them when you love their work. Gushing suspicious but still welcome ...