Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Computer woes

I have admitted frankly and frequently that I am techno-challenged. So when I scheduled my first webinar a couple weeks ago, I was a little apprehensive about what might happen. I tested the phone number, double-checked the sign in procedure and did everything I could to be sure I was ready. (I'm also the one that takes the tour of the maternity ward, and double checks parking situations before concerts. It's a personal foible.)

I got signed in without any difficulty and there was the expected set of background noises as people waited patiently for the webinar to begin. Then there was a bit of a delay while the facilitator tried to walk someone on dial-up through the options they had to participate. And then we waited while the person on dial up had to hang up to receive a fax. And then the facilitator finally announced we were ready to begin and it started something like this...

"In a moment I will take over your screen..."

Slight personal panic as things started flashing but I quickly realized it wasn't my computer convulsing, it was the facilitator's. Then the calm voice came again:

"Something very weird is happening and it is opening endlessly."

More flashing and hyper-scrolling. Still a little reassured by the thought that at least it wasn't my computer.

Then the voice of utmost calm (and not a hint of humor) announced:

"Obviously my computer is somewhat possessed. So I will turn off my computer and maybe the beast has gone away..."

I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the webinar.

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