Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live and learn, grasshopper

Here's another sketch I did many moons ago while sitting stranded (yet again) in the Denver airport. Because we were snowed in, there were no grasshoppers in sight. And in spite of growing up surrounded by grasshoppers in Saskatchewan, I realized I didn't know how many legs a grasshopper actually had. Logic said six, like any insect, but did the big ones count or should there be an extra pair on the thorax?

Turns out I was on track. It's amazing what you aren't sure you know sometimes.

And on the subject of grasshopper legs:

*Did you know grasshoppers have ears in their legs? Although it depends what type of grasshopper they are - some types keep them on their abdomen. (You can print a grasshopper anatomy picture to label here.)

*Here's a cool piece of fractal art call "Grasshopper Legs".

*I just finished a fantastic novel called The Brushstroke Legacyby Lauraine Snelling that also involves grasshoppers. But you'll have to read it to find out how.

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