Friday, July 17, 2009

Tough Love and tough to love

Tough Love:

In an open letter posted in the School Library Journal Talkback section, librarian Diantha McBride posted an article called "Tough Love". It is definitely worth reading whether you are a children's writer, illustrator, editor or publisher. This is the kind of inside information I love.

Check it out here.

Tough to love:

In another interesting but unrelated post, David Pogue of the NY Times posted an article about Amazon Kindle readers that suddenly were missing copies of e-books they had purchased. Apparently, the publisher "changed their mind" about making the e-books available so Amazon simply took them back while crediting the users' accounts. As Pogue says, "This is ugly for all kinds of reasons" and I have to agree.

Read Pogue's post here.

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