Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Threadbare souls

I saw this quote today that got the mental wheels turning:

"Often behind silken apparel lies a threadbare soul." (unknown)

How would that play out in a character in a novel? In their relationships? Can you think of a character, either in film or literature, that this would sum up? If you're looking for something to get your gears turning today, give this one a shot.

I remember reading (some time ago) Forever Amber, a novel written in 1944 but set in the luxurious courts of 17th century England. (It also had the distinction of being banned as pornography in 14 states when it was published so let that be your guide about whether you want to invest the time to read it or not.) My lasting impression of the heroine as I closed the back cover on the book was "Wow, she still doesn't get it." Gone With the Wind, similar. Some sense of this too, in Vanity Fair. Why do you suppose the first characters I think of are women? Is it that they are more likely to guild the lily to hide the soul? What male characters display the same traits?

Really, my question is this - can you be satisfied with a character that has a threadbare soul?

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