Friday, January 29, 2010

Making the list

I admit it- I've been known to Google my own name. It's fun sometimes to see where it pops up. And not fun other times. I've found my name on an "aliens-are-coming-and-we-welcome-them" club membership list and others of that ilk, but I've also found some fun sites and information through these searches too.

This week, two spots of note (It's all about me again so turn away if you're feeling queasy):

I made TVO's Recommended Reading Lists for Family Literacy Day with When Pigs Fly, and according to their calendar it looks like When Pigs Fly will be featured in June of this year in Gisele's Big Backyard Book Club. Yay! Love Gisele's Big Backyard Book Club!

Secondly, I found a neat site called Once Upon A Storyville. There are some great reviews, some books I'd like to check out after seeing them there and other interesting tidbits. Where do I come in? Here.

What do you learn when you look for you? You might want to try it before the alien's show up.

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