Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In for a penny...

I can't believe I'm starting another one...

My hope for this blog is to keep it focused on writing and illustrating. And possibly editing. And maybe publishing. Or songwriting. Or writing articles. Maybe even marketing if I'm really in the mood.

To start things off though, here's a little picture I started during a lunch break at my current Artists-In-Schools residency...we'd been talking a lot about fiction vs. non-fiction and the things that are possible when we use our imagination.

As we were talking, I told them a story about a turtle we kept one summer that had a hot pink stripe across its back. (It was superglue. This particular turtle was an escape artist and had been run over by a truck while crossing the street. Not while it was with us though. A raccoon got at it while we had it.)

Anyways, when I remembered this little tortoise I met last summer at West Ed, I decided he should be easy to find if he ever got away!!

Illustration done in Prismacolor art markers & colored pencils.

I'll be drawing him again someday soon. Some of the students in this group are definitely non-fiction sorts of thinkers so I'll find the right color scheme for him. Just for them. And because I have a new set of pencils to test drive.

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