Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A tiny commission

It's really satisfying to finish something that's been waiting for you.

This tiny little painting is 2" x 3" and was commissioned by a designer that fell in love with the frame. Which I totally understand, by the way - I used to design clothing around buttons or a great zipper pull. And it's a beautiful frame in weight and construction as well as design.

She gave me no guidelines which can be a little unnerving, but in this case was very freeing. It's painted on canvas in four Liquitex acrylic colors - black, white, silver and a custom green blend background that was "distressed" with the tip of an Exacto knife and shot with black.

I've been accused before of painting with a brush with only one hair because I love working details into small spaces. But I always prefer when a painting continues to fascinate as you get closer instead of just losing its form to the canvas texture.

I'm pleased with it. Let's see if she is too.

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