Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting sparkles

Sometimes the fun of school appearances is the way kids show (or are prompted to show) their thanks for my coming and spending time with them. I've been given artwork, mugs, chocolate, bookmarks and more. Add to that countless hugs and "I like your books" and I generally feel spoiled rotten.

Right now, I'm 80% through my current residency (some days the math matters more than others) and yesterday was a really great day. As I prepared to leave one classroom, the teacher said, "Boys and girls, let's give the art teacher and helpers sparkles today."


I must confess I wasn't sure whether my first reaction should be to turn and smile, or duck and run. I'd never heard of "sparkles" before.

When I turned around, the entire class was snapping their fingers and waving their hands around. It sounded like elf applause or bubbles fizzy-popping, and it looked like fireworks with all their little paint-tipped fingers flashing through the air.

It definitely sparkled.

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