Friday, January 2, 2009

More, same, less

Reviews are a funny thing to me. I've been on both sides of that coin - reading reviews of my work and also reviewing the work of others. I've written an editor about poorly-done reviews (it wasn't reviewing my work, it was just unfair to the industry as a whole - ironically that editor then invited me to write reviews for his major paper), and been scalded by the words of an author that didn't appreciate my review of her work. (But I still stand by my review. ) It's a shadowy sort of land.

However, that being said, a new year has started and I'm taking time to review the year that just passed. My DH had our family sit down and rather than make resolutions, we simply made three lists - More, Same, Less. What did we want to see or do more of in the coming year, what should stay the same and what could we do with less of?

We brainstormed over the lists without too many peanut-gallery comments, then as a family we picked three or four out of each list to concentrate on in the coming months. The lists ranged from "More people in our family" to "Less potty talk at the table"; "More vegetables" to "Less driving on vacation"; "More game nights" to "Less vegetables" (Mom and the family weren't really on the same side of that argument).

So in looking back at my writing and artwork for the year, what do I want more of, what should stay the same, and what did I need less of in order to look back on 2009 as a satisfying year?

All in all, 2008 was a pretty good year. There are a few things that could have happened differently but there usually are. So in looking ahead, here's some of my thoughts:


Focused writing time
Book proposal/manuscript submissions
New freelance markets
Art revenue
Interviews/input from other writers/authors/artists on this blog


Chaos in the studio (my creative urges sometimes look like a hurricane blew through)
Distractions from my prioritized markets
Timidity about approaching editors and publishers


Daily writing/art time
Balance between work & home life (tough sometimes when they are in the same place)

That's the short list. Some of them, I already have a game plan. Others I'll need to think a bit about ways to make them happen. But it's a start. And since the year has only just started too, I think I'm on track.

Happy New Year to you and may your 2009 be a satisfying one.

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