Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Touch typing

I've run into a funny dilemma in my writing.

The letters are wearing off my keyboard.

B and N are totally gone. L and V are a mere speck of their former selves. S, D, C, M and K are fading fast. And E is looking pretty skinny too.

I've never actually had this happen before and its been funny to watch the letters slowly dissolve into blackness. It's also causing more typos and spelling mistakes. It's not that I stare at the keyboard as I type. I progressed beyond that some time ago. But somehow having the "anchor letters" fading, combined with the process of thinking through the spelling on some words makes me too aware that some letters are missing. That it'll be a laborious process of memory to find it on the keyboard if I have to look.

My solution, for now, is to have to operate in autopilot. You know how that works, right? Like the centipede that has no trouble walking until it has to explain which leg goes where - if you forget your hands and just type away, it seems to work much better than being conscious of where each finger should go to find each letter. It goes much more smoothly that way. (It also works sometimes if you forget your PIN.)

I suppose I could get a new keyboard. But I kind of like the story this one is telling on its own. It tracks my writing almost as well as anything else. So for now, I'll just clatter away on this one.

But when I wear out the asterisk, I'll know for sure it's time for a new one.

(I also learned two things while taking the picture of my keyboard:

1. It's very dusty!
2. There are actually function cues on the fronts of some of the keys. Never noticed that before ...)

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